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Need to Fill Space in Your Truck?

Easily add to your shipments (and cash) with our online transportation marketplace.


Sharing your location may feel a little odd at first. However, we make it safe, easy, and beneficial. ShipItEasy.Net’s location sharing feature reduces the need to check in with your customer and for your customer to ask where you are. It helps you, too, by enabling nearby shipment alerts, so you can pick up more to fill your truck, if you want.

Location Sharing

Automatic Status Updates

Automatic email and mobile notifications are sent to your customers at the two most important stages: 1) pickup and 2) delivery. This give you the ability to focus on doing what you do best.

Your Privacy

Worried about location sharing monitoring your exact location? Don’t worry, we only share your general proximity, never your exact location.

You're in Control

If you choose to use location sharing, your customers won’t be able to see your location until you confirm “pickup.” Of course, you can always opt-out of location sharing if you want (though it’s not recommended). 

Feeling Ready?