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Your Solution For In-Home Furniture Delivery

Fast and Efficient Shipping Solutions to Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Delivery is the most important part of your online furniture business. Today’s buyers expect fast, affordable shipping with in-home delivery of their furniture. ShipItEasy.Net’s In-Home Delivery features help you reduce your shipping costs and increase sales, with features like instant shipping quotes, an extensive carrier network, and fully managed logistics services.

Instant Rates
FTF Mile Delivery
Ext. Carrier Network
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Need Shipping Rates Right in Your Checkout? We’ve Got You Covered


In-Home Delivery


You can use ShipItEasy.Net’s API or Shopify plugin to display delivery rates right in the customer’s shopping cart. Once the purchase is made, the data transfers to ShipItEasy.Net to create a shipment listing. From there, carriers you curate can then book the shipment for transport.

We can talk with you about shipment pricing strategies that will increase your conversion rates.


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