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Need to Fill Space in Your Truck?

Easily add to your shipments (and cash) with our online transportation marketplace.


With ShipItEasy.Net’s marketplace you can generate new and recurring business by bidding on or accepting offers for customers’ shipments. You’ll find plenty of opportunity to fill your truck and your pocketbook, whether you ship vehicles, furniture, freight, equipment, motorcycles, or something else.

It’s free and easy to join and get started on ShipItEasy.Net. Once you create your profile, you can start finding shipments, asking questions, submitting quotes, accepting offers and winning business.

Here are some tips for staying ahead of the competition and keeping your truck filled:

Shipping Customers
Service Providers
Shipment Listings

Set Expectations

When a customer knows what to expect from you, they feel assured that you will deliver on your quote. Make sure you fill out your profile, answer questions promptly, and let your customers know about your delivery timelines and payment options.

Your Profile Is Front and Center

Think of your profile as your own personal ad space as a carrier. Add a great photo, and make sure you add your experience and a few lines about yourself. To make your potential customers feel safer, show that you’re SaferWatch monitored and have proper authority and insurance.

Location Sharing

We offer location sharing for your customer’s peace of mind. Giving them the ability to track their shipment helps them feel assured and cuts down on calls, texts, and emails from customers wanting to know where you are.

Find The Right Jobs For You

You can get notified instantly when a new listing in your area is listed so you can review and decide whether the job is right for you to bid on.

Feeling Ready?